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These are all the participating creators along with their theme and picture of their hunt items! We will also include hints as we get them!

The overall theme of the hunt is Formal. We hope you enjoy it!

If you find that a link below isn't working, leads to the wrong store, etc, please post it in the Femboy Hunt & Events Group.

▨▨▨ PLEASE NOTE: If you are encountering stores with multiple boxes that are empty, these are called DECOYS. They are meant to be empty. If you come across a store that has an object not set for sale, but the prize is in it, please contact the store owners, NOT the hunt coordinators. The store owner is the only one who can fix it. Thank you!

▨▨ !! Cubic Cherry LM Updated! - Nomiki's Creations LM updated!
Nerdology SLURL Updated - 
~Glasgow Grin~ Item now out! - Audax SLURL Updated - 
Shi Candy Artme box fixed - MONSTER SLURL fixed!!▨▨

▨▨ #01 K&J Dreamzz Home&Decor
Hint: Dont run so fast just look around from where you are.

▨▨ #02 Cubic Cherry
Hint: HATS!!!!!

▨▨ #03 Essences
Hint: --SKIP--

▨▨ #04 .::[HTxDZ]::.
Hint: 1, 2, 3, 4... You should stay by the door... 5, 6, 7, 8... I like purple.

▨▨ #05 femme.couture
Hint: None Given

▨▨ #06 Vanderpump Style
Hint: Wheres the Eye Candy?

▨▨ #07 Gomun Horangi
Hint: Are YouUp To Date

▨▨ #08 /Dark Matter/
Hint: This window has a great view!

▨▨ #09 Decora Doll.
Hint: Did you really just put that in your shirt? (:D The item will be hidden in one of the Outfit Mannequin shirts) ^^ lol

▨▨ #10 Shi candy Artme
Hint: Hiding up here!

▨▨ #11 X-Clusives Animations
Hint: Seek out the weekend deals but shhh its a SECRET they are 60L just for a little while.  There you will find the HUNT ITEM sure to make you SMILE

▨▨ #12 Nomiki's Creations
Hint: Fashion!  Oh the Frill of it All!

▨▨ #13 ~Glasgow Grin~
Hint: Agua, mizu, eau, nam, voda

Hint: Everyone passes, but noone turns around to see me.

▨▨ #15 Cake Fox
Hint: Rooftop like we bringin' '88 back (what?) -Bring the hooks in, where the bass at? - Champagne spillin', you should taste that - I'm so fancy (Iggy Azalea: Fancy)

▨▨ #16 --DROPPED--

▨▨ #17 Audax Inc.
Hint: The store mascots guard this.

▨▨ #18 *Tori-Tastic*
Hint: Meow.

▨▨ #19 AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS
Hint: Girls: where can i find Corset?
Hint: Boys : xmm i need new shirts...

▨▨ #20 Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Hint: That Hut could offer very original jewelry!

▨▨ #21 [ tomboi ]
Hint: Sometimes you just get a wild HAIR about these things.

▨▨ #22 Nerdology
Hint: "Find me amongst the flowers."

▨▨ #23 Christina's Creations
Hint: An Outfit always needs to be accessorized.

▨▨ #24 madcatcreations boutique
Hint: Under the rainbow.

▨▨ #25 Libbytulips Sparkle Fashion
Hint: Roses are Red and Heels are Purple

▨▨ #26 Brocade Tiger
Hint: Read the Newsprint closely.

▨▨ #27 MONSTER
Hint: The only place where a princess would hide from a kidnapper

▨▨ #28 Donnique's Designs
Hint: I'm getting a sneak peek at a Princess

▨▨ #29 NSP Florals
Hint: Try Howling at the moon.

▨▨ #30 [Batsu]
Hint: None Given

FBH7 pics & hints! [Updated 09-27]

▨ ▨ NOP~ Events Blogger App ▨ ▨

NOP~ Events Headquarters

EVENTS: Femboy Hunt, Fur Love & Lust Kemono Hunt, Femme Boy Fashion Sales, Rule 34 Event, Alternate Gender Fair, Red vs Blue Hunt, Modern Horror Hunt, Visual Hunt., Mix n Match Gacha, Kemono Fashion Fair, Bitch Fair, Sins & Virtues Fair, Tinies World Hunt (hunt for Tinies & Dinkies), Department Store, as well as others still in the works.

 Your application will also be shared with NOP~ Events creators so they may contact you about blogging for them, so please give us as much information as you can!

NOP~ Events is always planning hunts, gacha events, charity fairs and other events for the Kemono avatar, femboy and alternate/non-binary gender communities, as well as other hunts just for fun with everyone on the grid in mind.

There are no restrictions on sex, gender, gender identity, or species for our events, everyone is welcome. Creators of full permissions items are also welcome!

We plan to do events and/or hunts at least every other month, or as often as RL will allow! Please share the info with your friends if you think they'll be interested in joining!

We are currently looking for bloggers to help spread the word about the Femme Boy Fashion Sales, Rule 34 Event, Fur Love & Lust Kemono Hunt, and the Femboy Hunt.

Bloggers will be given priority access to events and hunt items, and are asked to review and blog all the items that are sent to them ((up to 4 posts per event)). Each Creator reserves the right to decide if their item(s) will be sent or not.

If you are interested, you must fit these characteristics:

 Be open minded.
 Easily understood in English and have good grammar.
 Be Kemono, anime, fur, femboy, sissy, andro or alternate or non-binary gender friendly.
 Already have the items required to blog the items, or be willing to obtain them. (i.e. If you are blogging a Kemono event, you must own the Kemono avatar, be willing to make a femboy/andro/etc avatar for the Femboy Hunt, etc.)

 We don't care about unique page views a day, so long as you are active.
 Willing to do at least 2 posts with the items you are sent (can be grouped together) during the length of the event.
 Furry bloggers are always welcome! Please apply, we have kemono, Solarian and other mod creators on our event rosters!

It would also help if you were a geek, nerd or dork, or better yet, all three cuz we are all of those things too! =D

You will be contacted in-world within 48 hours after we've received your application!

Any blog posts relating to our events will be linked to and/or shared at the respective blogs and Facebook, so be sure to send them to me when you have posted them

▨ ▨ NOP~ Events Blogger App ▨ ▨

▨ ▨ Red vs Blue Hunt ▨ ▨

These are all the participating creators along with their theme and picture of their hunt items and hints!
If you find that a link below isn't working, leads to the wrong store, etc, please contact Taki Kujisawa. 

*~*~*~*~* ALL SLURLs have been double checked and updated as of July 12th!

▨▨▨ PLEASE NOTE: If you are encountering stores with multiple boxes that are empty, these are called DECOYS. They are meant to be empty. If you come across a store that has an object not set for sale, but the prize is in it, please contact the store owners, NOT the hunt coordinators. The store owner is the only one who can fix it. Thank you!

▨▨ #01 /Dark Matter/
Hint: I'm just wingin' it
▨▨ #02 *Tori-Tastic*
Hint: Hiya, Pudding!
Hint: Limited Edition
▨▨ #04 [:Rad Designz:]

▨▨ #05 SKIP
▨▨ #06 .::[HTxDZ]::. [3 prizes in separate boxes]
Hint: #1 - Neon!
         #2 - Gacha!
         #3 - Kemono!

▨▨ #07 madcatcreations boutique
Hint: over the rainbow

Hint: Searching for a gift that's Red or Blue?
        Try SINGLES for one that's Red, White and Blue.

▨▨ #09 Whimsical Happenings
Hint: "Around the WORLD in a day"
▨▨ #10 Nomiki's Creations
Hint: Waterfalls are a good place to cool off from the heat!
▨▨ #11 ~Glasgow Grin~ [3 prizes in separate boxes]
Hint: #1 - New Releases
         #2 - Slink-y!
         #3 - Demo

Red vs Blue Hunt Store list!

▨ ▨ Femboy Hunt 7 ▨ ▨

 Sponsored by NOP~ Events
 DATES: September 1st to September 30th
 THEME: Formal Wear
 RATINGS: G to adult
 NOP~ Events HQ:

The 7th Femboy Hunt will be September of 2015! This is a hunt is primarily for femboys, traps and all alternate gender avatars of SL! (Including a-sexual, unisex, sissies, femboys, t-girls, futa, Kathoey, androgynous, transgender... the list goes on! If you need visual aids, check out this handy guide!)

Your mission, Creators, should you choose to accept it, is to create something cute, sexy, fluffy, scary, or whatever else you want based on a Formal Wear theme! Items can be anything from furniture, to hair, to clothes. All items and ratings are accepted with the exception of children's items, but above all we ask that they be unique and representative of the quality of the items in your store.

Public registration is open from June 1st to August 21st.

Femboy Hunt 7 Theme Announced!

▨ ▨ Red vs Blue Hunt ▨ ▨

 Sponsored by NOP~ Events, .:Rainbow Rock Candy:., .::[HTxDZ]::. & ~Glasgow Grin~
 DATES: July 1st to 31st
 THEME: Red vs. Blue
 RATINGS: G to adult
 NOP~ Events HQ:

In July of 2015 NOP~ Events will be coordinating the Red vs Blue Hunt! This hunt is meant to be a fan tribute to the Rooster Teeth Productions long running series Red vs. Blue. Creators of all kinds are welcome to participate so long as they can follow the Red vs. Blue theme.

Red vs. Blue, often abbreviated as RvB, is an American comic science fiction video web series created by Rooster Teeth Productions and distributed through the Internet, as well as on DVD and Blu-ray. [From the RvB Wikipedia.]

▨ The Rules:
▨▨ Copyright infringement is NOT allowed. You will be asked only once to change your item, then removed from the lineup if you do not comply.

▨▨ Your items cannot be resells, Business in a box, copies or copybotted items of others creations. They must be YOUR OWN creation, and they must be a new item, or a new version of an old item.

▨▨ Use of templates and creator kits is permitted, but the item cannot be right out of the box, it must be customized and a new creation. If the items are not made by you, they will not be accepted. If you make mesh clothes from builder kits, etc, then make sure to customize them. Putting another creators item as is in the hunt is NOT PERMITTED

▨▨ Gifts must reflect the style and quality of your store. Meaning we expect you to offer our hunters your best quality. Think of this as a gift to entice them back to your stores.

▨▨ ADS OF ITEMS ARE REQUIRED. This is not a free hunt, so you must make an ad to post on the blog for hunters. You MUST send in your own ad of the item you are creating. If you do not, you will not be included in the promotions. We will not make your ads for you, and pictures/ads of the items ARE REQUIRED.

▨▨ If your store moves, or you go offline for a long period of time, we will not chase you down. We do not have time to run around the grid finding your store because you forgot to update us. If your store disappears with no word from you, you will be dropped.

▨▨ Any rating is welcome on items, but be tasteful and have fun! ❤

▨▨ If you don't understand something, please ask!

▨▨ Please use this link as reference if you aren't sure what Red vs. Blue is.

▨ Sponsors:
There are spots open for 6 sponsors. Sponsor slots are 200L each. You will get your logo on the website along with direct LM to your store, and one of the first 8 spots in the hunt. Other perks include a sponsors feature on the NOP~ Events blog for 3 unrelated store items with the link shared on Facebook, sponsor logo with LM giver at the NOP~ Events Headquarters.  If you want to be a sponsor, we will contact you for payment. Please include your full perm log in your LM NC.

▨ To Apply:
▨▨ Fill out the application below and follow ALL directions!

Red vs Blue Hunt Registration & Rules!

▨ Main Store:
▨ Marketplace: &

▨ In World Update Group: *~Lumae~*
▨ Copy & paste in-world to join: secondlife:///app/group/eeb4e88c-a752-8bf9-23c5-73e032375c31/about
▨ Store Subscriber: Have a subscriber also :)
▨ In World Update Group Cost: Free =D

* Flat Chest Layers - Works with Lumae Skins - 100L

* Tiger Stripe Tattoo Layers - 
Comes with SLink and Omega will be updating to The Mesh Project soon. - 100L

* Leevi Ears Medium - Comes with a HUD to match all Lumae skins - other sizes available - 150L

▨ From the Creator:
I am currently updating my skin lines to a new body which is previewed at The Skin Fair. When they are fully released instore I am hoping to incorperate a Femboy version of each skin aswell as Femboy skins for the male Petite Avatar by Yabusaka.

▨ Upcoming Special Events:
* Skin Fair - Currently
* We Love Roleplay - Monthly
* The Fantasy Room - Montly
* Lazy Sunday - BiWeekly in store
* The Black Fashion Fair - April

Femboy Hunt 6 Sponsor Spotlight: Lumae

▨ Main Store:
▨ Marketplace:

▨ In World Update Group: Jessis
▨ Copy & paste in-world to join: secondlife:///app/group/2707a412-f375-7ab1-5b56-f5ec8c0061d4/about
▨ In World Update Group Cost: Free =D
▨ Midnight Mania & Lucky Boards: Midnight Mania and Lucky Chairs inside my Store!

2 Sunloungers, 100% Mesh with 41 great Poses nPose Menu. Skin- and Colorchanger. Parasol and Loungers can have different Designs.
Just sit on it. No Poseballs needed! Female should sit first.

Click anywhere on the Lounger and the nPose Menu starts with

25 Sexposes
9 Cuddleposes
7 Loungeposes

3 Prims copy, modify, no transfer

This is the Adult Version. PG Version without Sexmenu also is available.

Bed Full Mesh with MLP v2 and 130 great animations! Texture and Colorchanger with endless Possibilities. Touch the Nightstands for the Texture Changer.

 Xcite enabled!

20 Sexposes for all
16 Oral Poses
22 Anal Poses
8 Lesbian Poses
8 3some Sexposes
4 3some Cuddleposes
4 4some Sexposes
4 4some Cuddleposes
14 Cuddleposes
8 Sleepposes Couple
6 Seduction Poses
9 Neko Poses Solo
7 Sleepposes Solo


Just 2 Prims without Poseballs! Maximum 6 Prims! If you don't want to use the Nightstands delink them and delete them after you have choosen your design. The Bed has just one Prim without the Nighstands!

This Set includes NO VENDOR SCRIPTS! To use them as an AddOn for your Caspervend System you need at least the Free System, to find at Primbay or at the Marketplace .

You can use this Set out of the Box with your CasperVend Vendors. Just put your Vendorscript inside and the System starts. Inside every Vendor is the necessary MAPPING File, the BACK_SOON and the VENDOR_OFFLINE Sign.

Also there is a Box with additional Menu Graphics. Please use the Graphics with "Holo" in the Name for the Holovendors and the other ones for the normal Vendors. Its no Problem to use the Holovendors for all your Items. The Rez Button just don't work if you don't use the Holovendor Scritpt inside the Vendor.


JF Caspervend w Stand 1-Prim Static - 1 Prim LI
JF Caspervend w Stand 1-Prim Scroller - 2 Prim LI
JF Caspervend w Stand 7-Panel Scroller Holo - 4 Prim LI
JF Caspervend w Stand 13-Panel Scroller Holo - 7 Prim LI

Its also allowed to use it with any other Vendor System or as Display. Main Texture is Face 0. Face 5 is the Face for the Menu.

100% Mesh TV Furniture / Entertainment Center with scripted Doors and Drawers.
2 Sizes included

Normal Footprint: 4 x 2.5m
L Footprint 5.7 x 3.5m

5 Prim copy, modify, no transfer

TV included!

The TV is not scripted.

The Youtube Version has Youtube set as Homepage but you can change that easily.

The "Default Media Texture" Version is set to the default Media Texture, so it will show the Media (Video, Homepage,...) which is set in About Land under the Media Tab. You maybe will have to deed it to your Group. If there is an own Media Texture set on your Land you have to put it on the Monitor to make it work.

1 Prim copy, modify, no transfer

Femboy Hunt 6 Sponsor Spotlight: Jessis Furniture

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