Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fur Love & Lust Kemono Hunt

 Sponsored by NOP~ Events & .::[HTxDZ]::.
 DATES: February 1st to 29th
 THEME: Love & Lust
 RATINGS: G to adult
 NOP~ Events HQ:

In February of 2016 NOP~ Events will be coordinating the Fur Love & Lust Kemono Hunt! This hunt is meant to be for items made for the <UTILIZATOR> Kemono mesh avatars.

All items are accepted, from accessories to clothing, make-up and skin mods. Anything goes so long as it is made for and fits the Kemono.

▨ The Rules:
 All items must be <UTILIZATOR> Kemono mesh avatar friendly.

 Any rating is welcome on items, but be tasteful and have fun! ❤
(We know everyone's idea of 'tasteful' is different, so just do what you want, but don't be an arse about it.)


 Items must reflect the style and quality of your store. Meaning we expect you to offer our hunters your best quality. Think of this as a dollarbie to entice them back to your stores.

  Items for all species, genders and mixes or lack there-of are welcome.

 Your items cannot be resells, Business in a Box, copies or copybotted items of other's creations. They must be YOUR OWN creation, and they must be a new item, or a new version of an old item.

 Use of templates and creator kits is permitted, but the item cannot be right out of the box. It must be customized and a new creation. Mods are allowed (obviously) so long as the original maps are given with permission. If the items are not made by you, they will not be accepted. If you make mesh clothes from builder kits, etc, then make sure to customize them and add a prim so you show as creator, or upload the DAE file. Putting another creators item as is in the hunt is NOT PERMITTED.

 ADS OF ITEMS ARE REQUIRED. This is not a free hunt, so you must make an ad to post on the blog for hunters. You MUST send in your own ad of the item you are creating. If you do not, you will not be included in the promotions and may lose your spot in the hunt. We will not make your ads for you, and pictures/ads of the items ARE REQUIRED.

 If your store moves, or you go offline for a long period of time, we will not chase you down. We do not have time to run around the grid finding your store because you forgot to update us. If your store disappears with no word from you, you will be dropped. It is your responsibility to keep us updated.

 If you don't understand something, please ask!

 Premium Sponsor: The fee for premium sponsorship is 400L. You will receive posting rights to the Femboy Hunt & Events group [NOP~ Events main updating group for all events], and your own separate sponsored page of items on the NOP~ Events blogs for 4 your unrelated store items. New release updates for your store during the hunt duration will also be sent to hunters via the subscription kiosks [it is your responsibility to get these updates to us so we can send them - This is an additional 2,000+ people!]. You'll also get your company logo on the hunt posters, on the website with SLURL to your shop and advertising at the NOP~ Events Headquarters as well as at any other events planned during the month. You will also receive one of the top 4 spots in the hunt.

 Normal Sponsor: There are 4 normal sponsor slots. The fee for normal sponsorship is 200L. You will receive posting rights to the Femboy Hunt & Events group [NOP~ Events main updating group for all events], your company logo on the website with SLURL to your shop and advertising on the NOP~ Events Headquarters. You will also get blogged on a sponsors page on the NOP~ Events blogs for 2 of your unrelated store items.

Please copy and paste the information below the line and put it in a new notecard in-world.
Name it -Fur Love & Lust STORENAMEHERE App- and drop it in the mailbox at the NOP~ Events HQ. Once your application is accepted, you will be sent an invitation to the Nihon Ongaku Events Group.


Name of Store:

Owner name (NO nicknames, full names only):

Name of avatar to send group invite to:

SLURL of Store:

LM of Store:

Marketplace URL:

Would you like to be contacted about being a sponsor?

Do you agree to set out a subscriber/sign at your store for hunters to get info & updates? (yes or no)

Comments, questions, suggestions?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

▨ ▨ NOP~ Events Blogger App ▨ ▨

▨ ▨ NOP~ Events Blogger App ▨ ▨


EVENTS: Femboy Hunt, Femme Boy Fashion Sales, Alternate Gender Fair, Modern Horror Hunt, Visual Hunt.
UPCOMING EVENTS: Femboy Formal, Bitch Fair, Sins & Virtues Fair

NOP~ Events is always planning hunts, fashion & charity fairs, sales events and other events for the femboy, non-binary and alternate gender community. We are currently looking for bloggers to help spread the word about the alternate and non-binary gender friendly stores on our sim, the weekly Femme Boy Fashion sales event, the Femboy Hunt, Alternate Gender Fair and other upcoming events.

Bloggers will be given priority access to events and hunt items for free and asked to review and feature all the items that are sent to them. Each Creator reserves the right to decide if the item will be sent or not.

If you are interested, you must fit these characteristics:

 Be open minded.
 Easily understood in English and have good grammar.
 Be fashion and/or femboy/andro/trap/alternate or non-binary gender friendly.
 We don't care about unique page views a day, so long as you are active.
 Willing to do at least 2 posts with the items you are sent (can be grouped together) during the length of the event.
 Furry bloggers are always welcome! Please apply, we have kemono, Solarian and other mod creators on our event rosters!

It would also help if you were a geek, nerd or dork, or better yet, all three cuz we are all of those things too! =D

You will be contacted in-world within 48 hours after we've received your application!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Femboy Hunt 6 Sponsor Spotlight: Lumae

▨ Main Store:
▨ Marketplace: &

▨ In World Update Group: *~Lumae~*
▨ Copy & paste in-world to join: secondlife:///app/group/eeb4e88c-a752-8bf9-23c5-73e032375c31/about
▨ Store Subscriber: Have a subscriber also :)
▨ In World Update Group Cost: Free =D

* Flat Chest Layers - Works with Lumae Skins - 100L

* Tiger Stripe Tattoo Layers - 
Comes with SLink and Omega will be updating to The Mesh Project soon. - 100L

* Leevi Ears Medium - Comes with a HUD to match all Lumae skins - other sizes available - 150L

▨ From the Creator:
I am currently updating my skin lines to a new body which is previewed at The Skin Fair. When they are fully released instore I am hoping to incorperate a Femboy version of each skin aswell as Femboy skins for the male Petite Avatar by Yabusaka.

▨ Upcoming Special Events:
* Skin Fair - Currently
* We Love Roleplay - Monthly
* The Fantasy Room - Montly
* Lazy Sunday - BiWeekly in store
* The Black Fashion Fair - April