Thursday, March 26, 2015

Femboy Hunt 6 Sponsor Spotlight: Lumae

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▨ Marketplace: &

▨ In World Update Group: *~Lumae~*
▨ Copy & paste in-world to join: secondlife:///app/group/eeb4e88c-a752-8bf9-23c5-73e032375c31/about
▨ Store Subscriber: Have a subscriber also :)
▨ In World Update Group Cost: Free =D

* Flat Chest Layers - Works with Lumae Skins - 100L

* Tiger Stripe Tattoo Layers - 
Comes with SLink and Omega will be updating to The Mesh Project soon. - 100L

* Leevi Ears Medium - Comes with a HUD to match all Lumae skins - other sizes available - 150L

▨ From the Creator:
I am currently updating my skin lines to a new body which is previewed at The Skin Fair. When they are fully released instore I am hoping to incorperate a Femboy version of each skin aswell as Femboy skins for the male Petite Avatar by Yabusaka.

▨ Upcoming Special Events:
* Skin Fair - Currently
* We Love Roleplay - Monthly
* The Fantasy Room - Montly
* Lazy Sunday - BiWeekly in store
* The Black Fashion Fair - April

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Femboy Hunt 6 Sponsor Spotlight: Jessis Furniture

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▨ In World Update Group: Jessis
▨ Copy & paste in-world to join: secondlife:///app/group/2707a412-f375-7ab1-5b56-f5ec8c0061d4/about
▨ In World Update Group Cost: Free =D
▨ Midnight Mania & Lucky Boards: Midnight Mania and Lucky Chairs inside my Store!

2 Sunloungers, 100% Mesh with 41 great Poses nPose Menu. Skin- and Colorchanger. Parasol and Loungers can have different Designs.
Just sit on it. No Poseballs needed! Female should sit first.

Click anywhere on the Lounger and the nPose Menu starts with

25 Sexposes
9 Cuddleposes
7 Loungeposes

3 Prims copy, modify, no transfer

This is the Adult Version. PG Version without Sexmenu also is available.

Bed Full Mesh with MLP v2 and 130 great animations! Texture and Colorchanger with endless Possibilities. Touch the Nightstands for the Texture Changer.

 Xcite enabled!

20 Sexposes for all
16 Oral Poses
22 Anal Poses
8 Lesbian Poses
8 3some Sexposes
4 3some Cuddleposes
4 4some Sexposes
4 4some Cuddleposes
14 Cuddleposes
8 Sleepposes Couple
6 Seduction Poses
9 Neko Poses Solo
7 Sleepposes Solo


Just 2 Prims without Poseballs! Maximum 6 Prims! If you don't want to use the Nightstands delink them and delete them after you have choosen your design. The Bed has just one Prim without the Nighstands!

This Set includes NO VENDOR SCRIPTS! To use them as an AddOn for your Caspervend System you need at least the Free System, to find at Primbay or at the Marketplace .

You can use this Set out of the Box with your CasperVend Vendors. Just put your Vendorscript inside and the System starts. Inside every Vendor is the necessary MAPPING File, the BACK_SOON and the VENDOR_OFFLINE Sign.

Also there is a Box with additional Menu Graphics. Please use the Graphics with "Holo" in the Name for the Holovendors and the other ones for the normal Vendors. Its no Problem to use the Holovendors for all your Items. The Rez Button just don't work if you don't use the Holovendor Scritpt inside the Vendor.


JF Caspervend w Stand 1-Prim Static - 1 Prim LI
JF Caspervend w Stand 1-Prim Scroller - 2 Prim LI
JF Caspervend w Stand 7-Panel Scroller Holo - 4 Prim LI
JF Caspervend w Stand 13-Panel Scroller Holo - 7 Prim LI

Its also allowed to use it with any other Vendor System or as Display. Main Texture is Face 0. Face 5 is the Face for the Menu.

100% Mesh TV Furniture / Entertainment Center with scripted Doors and Drawers.
2 Sizes included

Normal Footprint: 4 x 2.5m
L Footprint 5.7 x 3.5m

5 Prim copy, modify, no transfer

TV included!

The TV is not scripted.

The Youtube Version has Youtube set as Homepage but you can change that easily.

The "Default Media Texture" Version is set to the default Media Texture, so it will show the Media (Video, Homepage,...) which is set in About Land under the Media Tab. You maybe will have to deed it to your Group. If there is an own Media Texture set on your Land you have to put it on the Monitor to make it work.

1 Prim copy, modify, no transfer

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Femboy Hunt 6 Sponsor Spotlight: [ tomboi ]

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▨ Marketplace:

▨ In World Update Group: [ tomboi ]
▨ Copy & paste in-world to join: secondlife:///app/group/6d77f87b-2df1-ae6a-702d-791896b6c7bf/about
▨ In World Update Group Cost: Free =D Get 5% off if you wear your group tag at our inworld store.
▨ Midnight Mania & Lucky Boards: Coming Soon...

Munition Jeans - Come in both Male Standard Size and [ tomboi ] Androgynous Sizes

Laguna Tank - Comes in [ tomboi ] Androgynous Sizes

Summer Chinos - Specifically designed for [ tomboi ] Androgynous Sizes

Shapes Ad - Gives a sample of the shapes available and sizes that come with these shapes.  
Example of the shapes our custom clothes will fit.

All About [ tomboi ] - Good bye barbie, fancy dresses, expensive jewelry, makeup, body image issues, catty backstabbing and the whole lot of female behaviors.  Hello comfortable and sensible clothes and hanging out with the boys/bois. Menswear inspired fashion for the tomboy in all of us.

About our shapes & Apparel - 

Thank you for your interest in our shapes.  Mesh is awesome isn't it? Except for the giant boobs and bottoms in the womens clothes and the barrel chest that comes in men's clothing.  As a boi I find it very difficult to find mesh clothes that fit my smaller frame, so I've started my own fashion line that will fit more androgynous shaped avatars.  I've made it easier to fit the fashions I'm creating by creating several androgynous shapes.