Posted by : Taki Kujisawa Aug 1, 2015

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NOP~ Events Headquarters

EVENTS: Femboy Hunt, Fur Love & Lust Kemono Hunt, Femme Boy Fashion Sales, Rule 34 Event, Alternate Gender Fair, Red vs Blue Hunt, Modern Horror Hunt, Visual Hunt., Mix n Match Gacha, Kemono Fashion Fair, Bitch Fair, Sins & Virtues Fair, Tinies World Hunt (hunt for Tinies & Dinkies), Department Store, as well as others still in the works.

 Your application will also be shared with NOP~ Events creators so they may contact you about blogging for them, so please give us as much information as you can!

NOP~ Events is always planning hunts, gacha events, charity fairs and other events for the Kemono avatar, femboy and alternate/non-binary gender communities, as well as other hunts just for fun with everyone on the grid in mind.

There are no restrictions on sex, gender, gender identity, or species for our events, everyone is welcome. Creators of full permissions items are also welcome!

We plan to do events and/or hunts at least every other month, or as often as RL will allow! Please share the info with your friends if you think they'll be interested in joining!

We are currently looking for bloggers to help spread the word about the Femme Boy Fashion Sales, Rule 34 Event, Fur Love & Lust Kemono Hunt, and the Femboy Hunt.

Bloggers will be given priority access to events and hunt items, and are asked to review and blog all the items that are sent to them ((up to 4 posts per event)). Each Creator reserves the right to decide if their item(s) will be sent or not.

If you are interested, you must fit these characteristics:

 Be open minded.
 Easily understood in English and have good grammar.
 Be Kemono, anime, fur, femboy, sissy, andro or alternate or non-binary gender friendly.
 Already have the items required to blog the items, or be willing to obtain them. (i.e. If you are blogging a Kemono event, you must own the Kemono avatar, be willing to make a femboy/andro/etc avatar for the Femboy Hunt, etc.)

 We don't care about unique page views a day, so long as you are active.
 Willing to do at least 2 posts with the items you are sent (can be grouped together) during the length of the event.
 Furry bloggers are always welcome! Please apply, we have kemono, Solarian and other mod creators on our event rosters!

It would also help if you were a geek, nerd or dork, or better yet, all three cuz we are all of those things too! =D

You will be contacted in-world within 48 hours after we've received your application!

Any blog posts relating to our events will be linked to and/or shared at the respective blogs and Facebook, so be sure to send them to me when you have posted them

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