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▨ ▨ Alternate Gender Fashion Fair▨ ▨
Sponsored by NOP~ Events

▨ DATES: October 1st to November 1st
▨ THEME: Gothic & Horror in Classic Literature

Hello all!

We are happy to announce the 2nd Alternate Gender Fashion Fair will be in October of 2013. The Alternate Gender Fashion Fair is a charity fashion fair for the alternate gender and sexuality communities of Second Life. Our goal is to raise awareness for gender equality both in and outside SL, with themes to raise awareness of other important issues having to do with gender identity and gender equality.

The theme, to keep with the season, is 'Gothic and horror in classic literature'. This means old, classic stories, fairy tales etc, nothing from movies, current urban legends, Creepy Pasta's or anything of that nature. To make it easier to understand what we mean, we have included some examples below!

Anything before the 1930's, from any culture or in any traditional form such as:

▨ Grimm's or any other Fairy tales (Original, not Disney)
▨ Edgar Allen Poe
▨ Bram Stoker
▨ Mary Shelley
▨ Lord Byron
▨ H.P. Lovecraft
▨ Oscar Wilde
▨ Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
▨ Legend of Sleepy Hollow
▨ The Phantom of the Opera
▨ H. G. Wells
▨ Arthur Rimbaud
▨ Horace Walpole
▨ Ann Radcliffe
▨ William Beckford
▨ Matthew Gregory Lewis
▨ Charles Maturin
▨ The Turn of the Screw by Henry James
▨ Legend of Croatoan
▨ Penny Dreadfuls (any story that fit into this genre or were published in the Penny Dreadful publications)

The list goes on... Everyone knows what 'Gothic' and 'horror' are, so take your favorite scary story, classic book or poem and let it inspire you!

"Any traditional form" also includes legends, myths etc, from any culture, such as the Wendigo legends of the Algonquian peoples, to the story of Hansel and Gretel from Germany. You are not restricted to the examples on this list.

This does not mean that any classic literature or legend that was turned into a movie cannot be used, it just means that you must use the literature/story version as your inspiration. If you choose to do a fairy tale, keep in mind, the originals were not all Disney and happy ever after... Snow White put her step mother in hot iron shoes and made her dance in them until she died an agonizing death, Rapunzel's hair was chopped off and her prince made blind and both were forced to wander the world alone. These are the tales we want to inspire you!

Registration will open August 1st!

~Taki Kujisawa
[NOP~ Events]
Femboy Hunt & Alternate Gender Fashion Fair Coordinator ❤

October 2013 Alternate Gender Fashion Fair Announcement

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