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▨ ▨ Red vs Blue Hunt ▨ ▨

These are all the participating creators along with their theme and picture of their hunt items and hints!
If you find that a link below isn't working, leads to the wrong store, etc, please contact Taki Kujisawa. 

*~*~*~*~* ALL SLURLs have been double checked and updated as of July 12th!

▨▨▨ PLEASE NOTE: If you are encountering stores with multiple boxes that are empty, these are called DECOYS. They are meant to be empty. If you come across a store that has an object not set for sale, but the prize is in it, please contact the store owners, NOT the hunt coordinators. The store owner is the only one who can fix it. Thank you!

▨▨ #01 /Dark Matter/
Hint: I'm just wingin' it
▨▨ #02 *Tori-Tastic*
Hint: Hiya, Pudding!
Hint: Limited Edition
▨▨ #04 [:Rad Designz:]

▨▨ #05 SKIP
▨▨ #06 .::[HTxDZ]::. [3 prizes in separate boxes]
Hint: #1 - Neon!
         #2 - Gacha!
         #3 - Kemono!

▨▨ #07 madcatcreations boutique
Hint: over the rainbow

Hint: Searching for a gift that's Red or Blue?
        Try SINGLES for one that's Red, White and Blue.

▨▨ #09 Whimsical Happenings
Hint: "Around the WORLD in a day"
▨▨ #10 Nomiki's Creations
Hint: Waterfalls are a good place to cool off from the heat!
▨▨ #11 ~Glasgow Grin~ [3 prizes in separate boxes]
Hint: #1 - New Releases
         #2 - Slink-y!
         #3 - Demo

Red vs Blue Hunt Store list!

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