Monday, March 31, 2014

Femboy Hunt 4 Sponsor Spotlight: [Earth's]

[EARTH'S] A small dedicated to the production & distribution of costume & fashion accessories. You can contemporary and vintage pieces with cultural identities. In addition to jewelry, [EARTH'S] offers a range of products from handbags to manicures and even props w/ poses.

▨ Main Store:
▨ Marketplace:

▨ Blog:

▨ In World Update Group: Be Hunted
▨ In World Update Group Cost: NO

▨ Subscriber in store
▨ Section for free items & a section for promotions ($3L, $7L or $12L)
▨ (New Hunt Alert) - "The Girl With The Big Earrings" TBA

E's Cubix - Handbag w/ hold animation
▨ Price: 60L - Items board #13
▨ Perms: Tans/Resizeable

Orgasm Donor - Male Mesh Tank (includes 5 sizes) - (Black) - Available in 6 different colors
▨ Price: 45L on Marketplace

Manicure (Glitters) - Sculpted Nails, 2 sizes Hand (10) & Hand (20), 2 Tintable Tattoo Nail Bed Skin layers (editable to match skin)
▨ Price: 40L - Items board #5
▨ Perms: Tans

Hot Tea Tub - Male/Female/Unisex Poses & Animated Steam Mug w/ spoon
▨ Price: 14L on Marketplace
▨ Perms: Tans

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