Monday, February 17, 2014

Femboy Friendly Stores!

These are stores we know of that create femboy friendly fashions and other items, and are supporters of transgender and gender equality in Second Life. These are all creators who have or will be participating in NOP~ Events Femboy and Alternate Gender fashion events.

 If you are a store owner, or know a store that isn't on the list, please put an NC in the NOP~ Events mailbox HERE with the store name and LM/MP link!

 Pope's Porn Emporium
 MadCat Creations
 Gomun Horangi
 .:Rainbow Rock Candy:.
▨  Curious Kitties
▨  Crimson Fish
 .: Fujiwara's World :.
 Kabuki Creations
 Kiss Club
 Vero Modero
 {W&R} - {Witches & Rats}
 [Let's Get Dirty] MensWear
 Curious Kitties
 Hawker's House
 Prometheus' Fire
 Cake Fox
 .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:..
 Relentless Wren Fashions
 Zinner Shapes
 /Dark Matter/

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