Posted by : Taki Kujisawa Oct 31, 2013

                                           ▨ ▨ Femme Boy Fashion Sales ▨ ▨
                                             ▨ Sponsored by NOP~ Events ▨
The Femme Boy Fashion Sales (or the FFS as we've affectionately dubbed it ) is a weekly sales event for items geared towards avatars who are looking for unisex or more feminine, cute and sexy clothes for pretty and femme boys. This means mesh, dresses, tops, lingerie and other outfits with no boobs. Yes, that's right, NO BOOBS. At all, on anything! Yays!

The Info
Sales go Monday 12:01am to Wednesday 11:59pm SLT.
Items must be 100L or less.
MP stores are welcome!
Sale items will be set up at your store and must be prominently placed near the entrance and easy to find.

The Rules
Anything fashion related such as clothes, accessories, poses, hair, shoes, nails, jewelry, makeup, etc allowed.
No resellers, children's items, breedables, or BIAB (Business in a box).
Items cannot be in other events or for sale at a reduced price elsewhere during the week it is listed.
Did I mention NO BOOBS?
We may accept other designers later, but for now it is only fashion items unless you make items that appeal to femme boys.
▨▨ You DO NOT have to join a group, but you will be required to set out a subscriber kiosk for the sales event.
▨▨ You are not required to submit sale items every week but you are expected to participate at least once a month.

If you have any questions, contact Taki Kujisawa in world by notecard.

 Please complete the merchant registration form below.

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