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▨ ▨ Modern Horror Hunt ▨ ▨
▨ ▨ A Unisex Gridwide 5L Hunt ▨ ▨
▨ Sponsored by NOP~ Events ▨
▨ In Collaboration with KaTnipZ Events ▨
▨ DATES: October 1st to November 1st
▨ THEME: Modern Gothic & Horror (post 1930's world inspiration)
▨ ACCEPTED ITEMS: Anything goes so long as it is in theme. All fashion items MUST BE UNISEX, this is a hunt primarily for androgynous, unisex and femboys. You can include a male, female, and non-gender/unisex version of your gift if you want, but all hunt items must include a femboy/unisex friendly item. Furniture is accepted but must fit the Gothic/Horror theme. As always, feel free to gender bend as much as you want!
▨ REQUIREMENTS: Pics of items in the hunt. Due by September 28th
▨ NOTE: You do not have to do both October events, but you can if you choose to =D

We are happy to announce and want to invite you to join us for the Modern Horror Hunt, sponsored by NOP~ Events! Yay!

This hunt is set up as a companion to the Alternate Gender Fashion Fair, taking place as the same time. The theme of the fair is 'Gothic & Horror in Classic Literature' (pre 1930's world inspiration), so the theme for the hunt is simple: Modern Gothic & Horror (post 1930's world inspiration).

This means that urban legends, creepy pasta's, movies, books, television series, even your take on the monster under the bed, are all acceptable... so long as the material you are inspired by originates post 1930. You can use a modern take on an old classic, such as Bram Stoker's Dracula, or Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as your inspiration, such as the recent film Stoker, or even Frankenweenie if you want. You can make anything into a horror story if you wish (I dare you to have a take at any Disney Classic! hahaha!)

▨ ▨ SPONSORSHIP: Please indicate below if you are interested in being a sponsor! ▨ ▨

▨ Premium Sponsor: We have 3 premium sponsorship slots. The fee for premium sponsorship is 400L. You will receive a 'PREMIUM SPONSOR' event sign, posting rights to the Femboy Hunt & Events group, and a separate sponsored page of items on the Alternate Gender Fashion Fair and NOP~ Events blogs for 4 your unrelated store items. You'll also get your company logo on the website with SLURL to your shop and advertising at the NOP~ Events Headquarters as well as at the other planned events.

▨ Normal Sponsor: There are 5 normal sponsor slots. The fee for normal sponsorship is 200L. You will receive a 'SPONSOR' event sign, posting rights to the Femboy Hunt & Events group, your company logo on the website with SLURL to your shop and advertising on the NOP~ Events Headquarters.

Copy & paste the information below into an NC in world and name the notecard:


then return it to Taki Kujisawa or drop it in the mailboxes at the NOP~ Event Headquarters (LM above) by September 10th. Set up will be October 27-29th and the fair will open October 31st. Details will be sent through notices in the ▨ Nihon Ongaku Publishing ▨ group. If you are not already in the group, an invitation will be sent upon acceptance.


▨ Avatar Name:

▨ Store/Sim/Club Name:

▨ LM for the Store/Sim/Club location or Marketplace URL:

▨ SLURL for your Store/Sim/Club location:

▨ Your store logo (Required):

▨ Are you a femboy/trans/other genderqueer/etc sim or club? YES or NO

▨ Have you participated in any other NOP~ hunts, fairs or events? If yes, which ones?
--Visual Hunt   ___
--Femboy Hunt   ___
--Alternate Gender Fair ___
--Femme Boy Fashion Sales Room ___

▨ **Please contact me about being a sponsor!** YES or NO

▨ Comments, questions, suggestions:


Thank you for your interest in joining the Modern Horror Hunt! If you have any questions, please contact me via NC.
~Taki Kujisawa
[NOP~ Events Owner]
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❤ Modern Horror Hunt ❤
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