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Femboy Hunt & Events
Summer 2013 Theme: Summer Traps (Summer Nights - Formal; Tropical Foliage - Casual)
Sponsored by NOP~ Events, .::[HTxDZ]::. and .:R.R.C:.
NOP~ Events HQ:

We are happy to announce the Femboy Hunt will be in July of 2013! Once again, we won't be hunting down femboys, sorry, but we do promise a lot of fun and great creations! This is a fashion hunt for femboys, traps and all gender alternate avatars of SL! (Including a-sexual, unisex, sissies, femboys, t-girls,androgyns, transgender... the list goes on! If you need visual aids, we have a handy NC available in world, contact Taki Kujisawa!)

Each store is only required to place one =new item= in the hunt, created just for the Femboy Hunt. Due to the dual theme, you CAN place more than one item, one for each theme if you wish. The items will NOT be free. The purpose of the hunt is to introduce hunters to the different stores, sims and clubs that support the alternate gender community and allow them to try items from the store for a low cost. Each hunt item will be sold for 2L$ in a hunt box provided by us.

The Summer 2013 Femboy Hunt is from July 17 - 31st and will include all styles of fashion, hair, etc, and other accessories from g-rated to "adult".

To take part as a creator in the Femboy Hunt, please complete the registration form and click register!

If you'd like to be a sponsor, applications will be accepted until June 15th. Please check "Please contact me about being a sponsor!" You can read the sponsorship information here. One of the hunt coordinators will contact you in world with information.

NOTE: Marketplace stores can still join the hunt! Send the URL to your store in place of the shop SLURL in the application! (We'll send more info on how this works after you register.) Sims and clubs that support the femboys, traps, etc are also welcome to participate so long as you can create a gift to offer hunters.

Public registration is open from May 20th until June 31st.

For questions, concerns or any other hunt related matters, contact Taki Kujisawa in world or add them to the registration form in the Comment box.

Femboy Hunt Registration

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 Femboy Hunt
If you'd like to offer a free gift for hunters to advertise your store on the Creators Wall @ NOP~ Hunt Headquarters, check this box!
Transaction info for Sponsor payment here or comments, questions, suggestions?
Please contact me about being a sponsor!

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