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Femboy Hunt & Events
Summer 2013 Theme: Summer Traps (Summer Nights - Formal; Tropical Foliage - Casual)
Sponsored by NOP~ Events, .::[HTxDZ]::. and .:R.R.C:.
NOP~ Events HQ:

Update Group: secondlife:///app/group/a3d4460b-f849-0575-81e0-1287a1fc967b/about

That's right, it's time again for the Femboy Hunt (and other events) Poster Trap Contest! We're looking for a hottie (or hotties), to grace the event posters for upcoming events!

We want the community to have a chance to show off themselves so we're having another 'Poster Trap' contest. The winners get their winning entry as the art of the Femboy Hunt poster, as well as future events for the year, as well as bragging rights, ego boosts and other fun privileges. ❤  That means YOU could be the one on our Femboy Hunt, Alternate Gender Fair and other event posters! The official contest rules are below.

The winners will be announced through the Subscriber and our groups, some updates will only be made in world! Please join one or the other to get news and updates on the contest. The winners will be notified personally by the Femboy Hunt coordinators.

Update Group: secondlife:///app/group/a3d4460b-f849-0575-81e0-1287a1fc967b/about

Submission application:

=The Rules=

1 - Deadline is June 1.
     Any submissions after midnight SLT will not be accepted.

2 - Anyone can enter. 
     This means any gender, species, orientation or whatnot. Femboys, traps, girls, boys, futa, gender queer, drag queens, sissies, furies or sexy Alien Queens, etc. Doesn't matter so long as you can follow ALL the rules.

3 - You must keep with the theme.
     The theme this year is 'Summer Nights & Tropical Foliage'. Summer Nights is a formal theme, Tropical Foliage is everything else. //Swimsuits are EXCLUDED.// Be creative, make an outfit that includes a swimsuit, but just a swimsuit will be disqualified. We want to see how creative and beautiful you are!

      Remember though, a trap can be male or female, but they pass as the opposite so well it's a surprise when you find out they aren't. So, cross dress, drag it up, be sexy and make it a summer themed outfit. After that you are free to do as you wish with your photo.

4 - No more than 2 avatars in a photo.
     This will make it easier for us to make a poster with your photo =D

5 - You must use one of the following backgrounds in your photo. NO exceptions will be made. (We gave you a lot more to choose from this time! Yay! =D)











6 - Photos must be full perm, 1024 x 1024 PNG file.

7 - Be sure to give us a full perm copy of your photo.
     The winning photo will be used for the Femboy Hunt posters as well as advertising and promotions and upcoming events. We need full perm photos to be able to create the posters and ads.

8 - One entry per theme (Summer Nights - Formal; Tropical Foliage - Casual) per avatar.
     One photo with John and Martha in formal Summer Nights attire is one submission from each. You may submit one for Summer Nights theme, and one for Tropical Foliage theme.
9 - You must be over 30 days old.

10 - Submission notecard must be filled out in full and put in the mailbox at the NOP~ Main Event HQ.
       If any information is missing, or your photo is not full perm or the right size, your entry will not be accepted. Confirmations will not be sent. NC's received any other way besides the delivery mailbox will not be accepted.

11 - Judges will remain anonymous - their names will not be announced. Please do not ask.

***The winners will be announced through the NOP~ Subscriber and Femboy Hunt & Events Group. Please join one or the other to get news and updates on the contest. The winners will be notified personally by the Femboy Hunt coordinator.***

***No financial compensation will be provided as a result of this contest***

If you have any questions, please put a NC named "Poster Trap Contest Question [yournamehere]" and drop it in the mailbox at the NOP~ Main Event HQ.

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