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=Femboy Hunt=

2012 Theme: Beautiful Androgyny

Sponsored by Nihon Ongaku Publishing, .::[HTxDZ]::. and *Tori-Tastic*

We are happy to announce SL's very first Femboy Hunt! (No, we won't be hunting down femboys! Put away those ropes! ;p) This is a fashion hunt for femboys, traps and all those who love to be beautifully androgynous!

The Femboy Hunt is from July 1 - 15th and is NOT a free hunt. Each item is 2$L and will include all styles of fashion, hair, etc, and other accessories from g-rated to "adult".

Marketplace stores, as well as sims and clubs that support femboys, traps, etc will also be participating in the hunt, so you can look forward to a wide variety of places to explore and gifts to hunt down!

The blog will have all the hints and pics posted there, and the update group and Subscribe-o will have all the special surprises and all the information bout the Femboy Hunt and our other hunts and events! You can take the SLURL below to hit up the Subscribe-o and the group joiner!

If you are a creator or have a friend who may like to participate, please send them to the blog to register! Registration is from May 1 to June 15th!

Update group: secondlife:///app/group/6577b6b1-0d9c-b2df-873e-9d96cc2c0707/about

Thank You ~
Taki Kujisawa
LaDonna Oceanlane
[NOP~Nihon Ongaku Publishing]
Femboy Hunt Coordinators ❤

Announcing SL's First Femboy Hunt!

A little over a week ago, I was happy to blog an update about the NOP~ Hong Kong Mall & also give a welcome to our newest tenants Lamp*Light & Unforgettable Creations. Well, we are very happy to be able to welcome three more! Please say hello to JayGee, Panda Punx, & Wow Skins!

The JayGee Kiosk features lots of Asian style clothing.

Panda Punx has super cute copy/mod shapes.

WoW Skins has some lovely skins to check out.

Also, Tori-Tastic has some new, NOP~ EXCLUSIVE items in her kiosk!


As always, the NOP~ Mall is located on an English speaking, Asian inspired sim. Our goal is to spread the love of  Asian music, popular culture and fashion in its many forms throughout Second Life. NOP~ also organizes hunts, fashion & charity events & fairs.


Taki Kujisawa, the owner of NOP~ has his own shop in the mall & still has the awesome boots he made for the Fashioncentric hunt available to find. Also, even though our own Visual Hunt is over Taki still has his prize out, so if you want the Dragon scarf that matches the Fashioncentric boots, go ahead & look for the blue Dragon kanji symbol in the shop as well. (The hint is "I love these wings!") By the way the Fashioncentric prize is free, but the Visual Hunt prize is 10L. They make a really cute set! 

NOP~ Mall Welcomes More Shops!

There have been a lot of changes at the Nihon Ongaku Publishing Hong Kong Shopping Center & Mall recently. As you may or may not know, our Mall is located on an English speaking, Asian inspired sim. Our goal is to spread the love of  Asian music, popular culture and fashion in its many forms throughout Second Life. NOP~ also organizes hunts, fashion & charity events & fairs.

We are so happy that NOP~ & HTxDZ owner Taki Kujisawa's participation in the Fashioncentric Hunt has brought so much traffic to the sim! I have had a chance to do some of the hunt, (not as much as I would like to yet, because of my hectic RL schedule,) but I have to say the prizes are really awesome & I am definitely planning to finish it!

Here are the boots Taki made for the hunt! You must see them in world to appreciate the texture. They look like slightly translucent dragon scales - so much depth.


Also, the Hong Kong Shopping Center & Mall at NOP would like to give a warm welcome to our two newest vendors, Lamp*Light & Unforgettable Creations. Please take a moment to check out these & our other fine stores, which include Anime Angels, Kitty, Ancient Creations, Hosoi Ichiba, Mooshead, Wolve's Escape, Tori-Tastic, Edge of Pink, Gomun Horangi, Bibiten, Pira Technologies, HTxDZ, The NOP~ Breeders Market, 212 Designs Breedable Tools, Viperlicious, Axle Wolf, Shoma's World, as well as the Actuate Eden Main Store, which is located separately from the Hong Kong Mall, but still on the beautiful NOP~ sim. There is still rental space available at our mall. Any type of items are welcome in our shops but please keep in mind it is a Moderate sim. If you think your store would have a good home at NOP~, then please join us. Prices range from 200prims at 400$L week to 10prims at 25$L a week. Meeroo Market Prices are 25 prims at 50$L week. Prim allowances can be arranged & rent will be adjusted, however there is the 200 prim limit. For any further inquiries please contact me inworld, (as LaDonna Oceanlane,) or Taki Kujisawa. Thank you!

The view looking back from inside of the mall

Lucky boards with neat prizes including Jrock/Kpop posters, magazines & clothing!

Views from inside the mall


Meeroo Market!

Taki's Store HTxDZ! (Find your Fashioncentric hunt prize boots in here!)

Tori-Tastic's kiosk

I got these great FREE color change Pon Pon Bloomers from Lamp*Light & I will blog them next. Wait till you see how adorable they  are!

Kitty Asian shapes & skins

Hosoi Ichiba

Mooshead has lots of cute Freebies!

Edge of Pink

Ancient Creations might have something for your roleplay needs

Anime Angels makes anime shapes

Unforgettable Designs is our newest vendor

Pira Technologies has great glowing eyes, etc.

Gomun Horangi has cool jewelry, clothing, skin, etc.

The Mario Style Game Platform with two Vendors; Axel Wolf & Shoma's World. The Game Platform is also for sale from HTxDZ ~ FUN!

If you haven't yet checked out Kiba Tachikawa's new main store for Actuate Eden, located on the NOP~ sim, you are really missing out. He did a beautiful job.

Don't forget to find the little secret door & go to the special Oshare section, too! 
Thank you for your support!

What's New at NOP~

NOP~ is proud to be the new home of [Actuate Eden], a Visual and Oshare Kei fashion store run by Kiba Tachikawa. Kiba has built a Dark Alice in Wonderland themed area behind the Ancient Forest! Be sure to go check it out and take the time to look around, it's a beautiful build!

TP to [Actuate Eden] Main Store on NOP~
[Actuate Eden] Blog

[Actuate Eden] New Main Store now on NOP~!

On January 8th, 2012 NOP~ Nihon Ongaku Publishing in SL officially reopened! We had a great party that lasted 9 hours! So much great music and company! It was a great grand reopening! With that in mind, here are some upcoming events to keep an eye out for!

January 23rd: Chinese New Year Celebration!
February 14th: Valentine's Day
March 14th: White Day
March 1-31st: 2nd Annual Visual Hunt sponsored by NOP~, Actuate Eden and Kanzen ni Jrock
April 29-May 5th: Golden Week
May 5th: Children's Day

All special event details are still to be announced! Please join us in world to get up to date details!

NOP~ In World!

NOP rebuild is (finally) complete!

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